As Ramadan has come to a very rapid end, so has the time for reflection began. The overall sentiment among Muslims during this time of year is to ponder on the accomplishments made during Ramadan, and the shortcomings (many of which plague us with regret).  That menacing feeling of, “I should have read more Qur’an”, and something along the lines of “I should have taken less naps” always seem to reoccur every Ramadan, but alas, the important part is not leaving Ramadan empty handed. And either way, full confidence, and satisfaction in our holy acts and worship would be a bad sign right? I mean, BE HUMBLE.

On to more trivial yet very important subjects, is my outfit for this Eid celebration. I decided on this very colorful ensemble to compensate the fact that Eid was not celebrated at home with family and friends this year.

cries in responsibility and adulting


Styling – Aisha Umar

Photography – Abdulgaffar Umar