The belief that the only constant thing in life is change, is absolutely true. Whether for good or bad (especially in light of current political affairs all around the world). The confirmation of this truth is evident every year when we get a year older and some serious reflection on the past year ensues. Growing older is a daunting idea that almost everyone has to come to terms with. Our worries vary as well obviously, whether it is for vanity reasons, current life situation or financial stability. These are all the horrors that haunt most of us, however the common agreeing factor amongst everyone is the inevitability of death, and the constant movement of time.

This realization puts us under some serious pressure, like some real heat.

Being at the age where it seems like someone is getting married every other week, and you actually know people that have kids or thinking of having kids, allows the feeling of aging really set in (and I’m only in my early twenties). Although the sayings “You’re only as old as you feel”, or “Age is nothing but a number” are all true. It doesn’t change the realities of this inevitable outcome.

The good news is, the context with which we take it all in is what really matters. Embracing aging is a good thing, I mean, it’ll happen anyway. Aging gracefully garners more respect and admiration as well, why not do it in style. We age, we evolve, we grow, we bloom, we learn and eventually succeed (mixed with some falling, failing and wailing along the way), but overall we get to the finish line!