Luxury as a concept has spread exponentially on the web space. Now, while bloggers and digital influencers are the main conveyors of this “luxe lifestyle”, there are certainly those that express this concept with more down to earth and real perspectives. I admire luxury, it is the idea that the best of the best in quality is what we adorn ourselves with, a world where money is no object. Ideal right?.. wrong. While luxury in terms of clothing and accesories is something I very well aspire to, being consumed by logos and brand names is flirting with the dangers of consumption that bring discontent and ungratefulness to the heart. Making it important to clarify the simple line between need and want, a deep understanding of both categories makes life way easier. Seriously, trust me on this one.

To embrace this idea of luxury, I created this look that is seemingly expensive, however utilizes pieces from the highstreet that express a clean and luxurious outfit. This tunic with the stunning yellow that might be mustard yellow (I’m not well versed on psuedo sophisticated colour names), that is detailed with epaulette sleeves makes it very unique and convenient for adjustment. The faux croc maroon bag paired with the dark lip, that is the Milani liquid matte lipstick, gives the outfit a higher level of sophistication.

Luxury is a notion that is not only for the “rich”, but a concept that us regular folk can also associate and aspire to. Approached with mindfulness and honesty, luxury can be a driver of hardwork and ambition. Most definetely can be a good thing, like with most other material things that surpass necessity. Dessert can be good to satisfy that sweet tooth craving you’ve been having, however, over indulging can also be the cause of your stomach ache. You feel me?

The constant given is being honest with ourselves on why exactly we want that Gucci Dionysis bag that everyone and their mum owns. For show off? maybe. The aesthetic? most definitely.  The better justification remains the latter though, things should remain exactly just that, things. Approach luxury for not only the quality, but the aesthetic that truly expresses character and personality, fashion should be fun, not a competition to own all the trends. It’s all just clothes, bags, and shoes anyway, atleast you have them.


Photography: Muhammad Rabiu Umar

Bag: Zara

Heels: New Look

Lipstick: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Flirt