I remember as a kid whenever I was asked what my favorite colour is, I would without hesitation say blue, and I also had a purple phase in my mid teenage years. However, I would never succumb to the stereotype, pink. I guess that was always the little rebel inside me that refused to admit that, “pink is for girls, and blue is for boys.” Rebellion aside, I truly love the colour blue, and all the variations of hues and shades it has to offer across the spectrum. From baby blue and pastel hues, to rich, deep, and royal blue. Navy blue is decadence in a color.

Gladly for me, one of my favourite tones has resurfaced to the trendy scene, the rich and plush navy blue. This colour is currently all the rage alongside other rich gemstone colours like emerald green and beautiful rubies.

The layers of the top half of this outfit appear like I have three pieces on, a cropped sweater, a pleated shirt, and a white button down shirt. The pleated shirt and cropped sweater are actually attached as one piece from Zara. The white shirt underneath is an added layer I manually attached for a bulkier and smarter look. I am not one to “dress for my body type”. I like bulky, loose fitted layers to my outfit, not only for modesty reasons but really also for the aesthetic. The navy blue trousers with white striped panels along the side tie the colour combination of the ensemble well. Almost seeming like the outfit came in a set intended to be paired together. I adore the dainty, lady-like, white and blue mini bag, and the simple black heeled sandals elongate the bottom half of the outfit. Like the cherry on top, or bottom in this case.


Photography: Muhammad Rabiu Umar

Styling: Aisha Umar