The belief that the only constant thing in life is change, is absolutely true. Whether for good or bad (especially in light of current political affairs all around the world). The confirmation of this truth is evident every year when we get a year older and some serious reflection on the past year ensues. Growing older is a daunting idea that almost everyone has to come to terms with. Our worries vary as well obviously, whether it is for vanity reasons, current life situation or financial stability. These are all the horrors that haunt most of us, however the common agreeing factor amongst everyone is the inevitability of death, and the constant movement of time.

This realization puts us under some serious pressure, like some real heat.

Being at the age where it seems like someone is getting married every other week, and you actually know people that have kids or thinking of having kids, allows the feeling of aging really set in (and I’m only in my early twenties). Although the sayings “You’re only as old as you feel”, or “Age is nothing but a number” are all true. It doesn’t change the realities of this inevitable outcome.

The good news is, the context with which we take it all in is what really matters. Embracing aging is a good thing, I mean, it’ll happen anyway. Aging gracefully garners more respect and admiration as well, why not do it in style. We age, we evolve, we grow, we bloom, we learn and eventually succeed (mixed with some falling, failing and wailing along the way), but overall we get to the finish line!


“but more importantly because the idea of a mood or “vibe” excites us. Or me at least. Aesthetic pleasure over functionality, right?”


During the peak of summer when nature is in full bloom, the urge to mimic nature and it’s infinite beauty kicks in. The embodiment of seasons into our dressing is a psychology we not only demonstrate because seasonal temperatures demand us to do so, ya know,  but more importantly because, the idea of a mood or “vibe” excites us. Or me at least. Aesthetic pleasure over functionality, right?

This outfit in all its feminine glory gives off a happy, cheerful, midsummer joy. The focal point being the striped tunic which is reminiscent of sailors, which again, summery. Paired with white denim and topped off with those bright pink Zara heels, the look is complete! not neglecting the stunning navy and white Zara bag that matches well with the look. Matchy-matchy is alright by me.












Photography //Muhammad Umar

Tunic //Similar here 

Heels //Similar here 

Bag //Similar here 


After a four month hiatus, I’ve now finally made my way back to another blog post. This time, one about my recent escape from mundane and quiet Wisconsin to bustling and vibrant New York. I have recently made a declaration to myself to travel at least once a year, yes, even while being a student and having less money than I would like to have. Travel is a part of life that shouldn’t have to wait.. because time doesn’t, and life goes on. It brings to realisation that this is your life, and it is happening right NOW.

On my visit to New York, I had three major missions to accomplish. 1) Visit my long time friend that I hadn’t seen in ages, 2) finally get a DSLR camera (in order to become a legitimate blogger) and, 3) Experience New York in all it’s fashion forward glory and get inspired and motivated. I am happy to report that all three points were fully accomplished. Although slightly down and overwhelmed by busy streets in addition to my excruciating toothaches on some days, I pulled through and enjoyed my trip.

We stayed in Boro Hotel in Long Island City for the duration of our stay, and by “we” I mean my younger brother and I. It was a convenient and not so touristy location for our stay and perfect for commutes into the city and not to mention, a nice and quiet neighborhood to come back to after a long day on our feets prancing around uptown and downtown New York via the subway and über. Some of the major spots we visited were;

  1. a large portion of Brooklyn,
  2. Times Square (as you do),
  3. The Musem of Modern Art (MoMA), where I was deeply hypnotized by original pieces by the likes of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Henri Matisse,
  4. Central Park,
  5. Upper East Side (for dangerous amounts of shopping),
  6. Roosevelt Island. The tram is a must for perfect views and picture taking, especially at night,
  7. The High Line,
  8. Chelsea, which is perfect for street markets, galleries, cafés, museums, and other non-mainstream things,
  9. NYU, for possible future schooling scouting ,
  10. Flat Iron district, and,
  11. Coney Island, (where I took the most pictures).

Due to the fact that I got my camera towards the end of our 6 day stay in New York, I was only able to get “blog worthy” quality pictures on the second to the last day in Coney Island, one outfit picture, and a couple of snaps of the incredible view from our hotel. All in a small montage below.

If there is one thing I took away from New York, it is an understanding of why it is the fashion capital of the U.S, what the “New York state of mind” is all about, and the fascination of “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, which is what I intend to do. I feel a strong calling towards New York, not to sound cliché, but I know I will find myself living there for a while in the near future. I, Aisha Umar, now hereby declare myself an East Coast gal.

































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