“My philosophy about makeup is that I like it, and it is fun, therefore, I wear it. It doesn’t wear me.”

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The phrase “everyday” makeup tutorial, is quite humorous to me, simply because, I personally know that I definitely do not wear makeup every-single-day. I guess, what I could call it is a “most days” face. However, just for makeup guru (which I am very far from) etiquette, I went with the title “everyday” face. My philosophy about makeup is that I like it, and it is fun, therefore, I wear it. It doesn’t wear me.

So here you go folks, my “everyday” face in 10 simple steps, for those days, when you were supposed to be out of the door like, 5 minutes ago.

Edited with Polarr Photo Editor

Step 1: Cleanse. I always try to make sure that before I begin applying my makeup I remove any leftover makeup residue or dirt accumulated from overnight, to have a clean base. Imagine trying to paint on a dirty canvas, gros right? yes, think about your face as your canvas and makeup as an art. I am currently using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing water which is an all in one makeup remover, cleanser, and toner.


Step 2: Moisturise. After cleansing, most of the skin’s moisture is stripped off, so we need to replenish that moisture in order not to look crusty (I made you laugh didn’t I, so did I). For this step, I used the L’Oreal SkinPerfection range, in the daily face moisturiser, and awakening eye cream. 


Step 3: Prime. Priming is the primary step in makeup application (I am so punny). It is what is going to determine the finish of your makeup, (I mean, we all want to be flawless don’t we?) and it is also going to call the shots on how long our makeup is going to last. This is a step you don’t want to miss, especially for us Muslimahs, because when you need to perform your ablution during the day, you’ll thank your stars that you didn’t skip this step. My primer is the Flori Roberts Shine Away, Oil Blotting Primer.


Step 4: Foundation. Ladies, let me tell you, foundation is your best friend. Your base is what is going to elevate your makeup quality. You cannot compromise on the quality of your foundation. I repeat, you cannot. A foundation that is buildable is what I highly recommend. Like this Stila cosmetics “stay all day” foundation and concealer duo in the shade warm 13, to give you good coverage without looking too cakey.


Step 5: Contour. Oh, contour, what waves thou have created in the beauty world. Have you ever seen that quote, “I wonder how I was living before contour”, that is my thought exactly. I sometimes ponder how I existed before contour came into my life. For makeup beginners, contour is something that is probably intimidating, but I actually find it quite simple. The concept is to give your face dimension by using a darker colour in the  ridges, or depths of your face, while using a lighter colour (usually one or two shades lighter), on the protruding parts. I am currently using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NW50, and the Maybelline FitMe Shine-Free + Balance Foundation stick in the shade Cappucino 340 for this step.


Step 6: Brows. I find that this is also an intimidating process in makeup for some, but there are many tricks in this art, and how we do our brows can totally change the look of our face. I tried to go for a more natural brow in this case, I am already quite happy with the look of my brows, so I only just fill them in, in places that I feel are scanty. A trick to achieve perfected brows is to follow the natural brow line you have, do not go above or below that line, and remember, your brows are sisters, not conjoined twins, or strangers. I used a no name brand pencil for this step, so you don’t need to break the bank to have good brows.


Step 7: Eyes. This is a step that one can build on to take a look from day to night. But since this is an “everyday” face look, I only used very little in this respect. I used a Sephora eyeshadow palette by taking the brown-ish shimmery colour on my lid and using the darkest colour on my crease, for depth. As you may have noticed, I am not a conventional makeup user, I break the rules a lot for what is used for where. I like to improvise to get the look I am going for, and that is why I used this Bourjois mineral matte mouse foundation that is too light to use as an actual foundation for my under eye concealing.


Step 8: Highlight. To prove my point from the previous step, I used an eyeshadow to highlight my cheekbones. Taking that same brown shimmery colour, I lightly patted it onto my cheekbones which is located right above my contour, and I proceeded to blend in with my finger.


Step 9: Mascara. Mascara is what is going to uplift your look to Va-Va-Voom status because I like a dramatic lash, I decided to go with two different mascaras for this look. The L’Oreal Voluminous Original mascara for volume, and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect for length and wispiness. The MAC Bronzing powder is what I used for extra glossiness on the highlighted parts of my face.


Step 10: …and, viola! c’est fini. There you have it, my “everyday” face makeup look. I usually just use a lip balm on my lips when I am in a hurry to top everything off. I hope this is useful, and women can appreciate makeup as a part of their lives without becoming dependent on it. Stay beautiful ladies.

Photographs: Samantha DeGuire




After a long day, or when you’re having a bad one, there is something about indulging in a good stay home pampering session. I mean, really taking care of yourself. This is something we neglect often, and I am a victim of this as well, but, there really is a satisfaction in being able to put on some soothing music, taking a long bath and putting on your favourite fragrance and pyjamas. This, my friends,  is the art of indulgence.


Ambiance. The first step towards a relaxation journey is to set the ambiance, to do this you can light your favourite candle scent and get your perfect, true red lipstick ready for afterwards. Here, I have my Scentsational natural soy candle in chrome, and my MAC Russian red lipstick on standby.


Refresh. Getting clean can be fun, this involves playing that feel good song that just helps you relax, and hopping into the bath (or shower, depending on your preference), and using that luxurious body wash you’ve been holding off on for a while, in my case the  Armani code shower gel.


Moisturise. This is no new news for ladies, after cleaning, locking in that moisture is primary. But since this isn’t any ‘ol random day, and we’re trying to indulge here, you can bust out that high end moisturiser for optimal effect. This Hermès lait parfumé from the un jardin sur le nil range is a good one, and Hermès being a familiar name in the high end market, a king amongst kings for that matter, you know you’re on the right track.


Re-emphasize. If you’re one like me, and have normal to dry skin, a body lotion is no place to stop, we need that next level moisturising to refresh and invigorate our skin and lips. This here, is a more common product we have all used at some point or heard about. Johnson’s baby oil, does the trick for me and probably will for you too. Primarily because it is made for babies, so fret not sensitive skin havers, this oil is made to be mild and gentle on your skin with no harsh ingredients. And if you’re a skincare busybody like me,  you’ll know the benefits of shea and cocoa butter in any skincare product.


Scented. To cap everything off, and complete the perfect evening, a nice scent is essential. I mean, who doesn’t like to smell nice. This can be a simple body spray or a signature scent perfume, like my Salvatore Ferragamo classic pour femme.


Relaxation and Reflection. Now that your body and ambiance is sorted, a nice cup of relaxing chamomile or lavender tea is sure to help you sit still and relax, pondering life, and how the day might’ve not been so bad after all.

Photographs: Samantha DeGuire